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Le Grand Moulin is located where the Dordogne River flows through a land with castles and bastide villages, where foie gras and truffles are part of a special way of life. Perigord is a region of France which is a must to visit.

Le Grand Moulin is in the Dordogne, a department of south-west France, which covers an area of 9,060 sq km (3,500 sq mi). The department is largely made up of limestone plateaux crossed by the Dordogne and six other rivers including the Vezere. The Dordogne has a temperate climate, with summers being hot and dry. Picturesque river valleys support a rich variety of local agricultural produce in particular Périgord truffles, Foie-gras and Walnuts. Locally, the Dordogne is known as the Périgord. This is split further into four areas. Le Grand Moulin is in the "Périgord Pourpre" (Purple Périgord) with it's capital being Bergerac (the home of Cyrano). This is the wine region, with full bodied reds and sweet white Monbazillacs.

The other regions, all close by and well worth a visit, offer a variety of landscapes. The "Périgord Verte" (Green Périgord) with its main town of Nontron, offers a greenery of verdant growth and valleys in a region crossed by a myriad of rivers and streams. The "Périgord Blanc" (White Périgord) situated around the regions capital of Périgueux, is a region of limestone plateaux, wide valleys and rolling meadows. The "Périgord Noir" (Black Périgord) surrounding it's capital of Sarlat, overlooks the valleys of the Vézère and the Dordogne.

There is an abundance of historic castles, chateaux, churches, Bastides and cave fortresses within Perigord, far too many to see and appreciate in one visit. Périgord has preserved its history as well as moving with the times, the old quarters of Périgueux or Bergerac, restored and developed into pedestrian areas, have regained their former charm. A number of smaller towns, such as Brantome, Issigeac and Eymet have with-stood the changes of modern times and are an oasis of fantastic architecture, character and french charm.




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